Exchanging an unpredictable challenge with a dependable solution


Blue Marble Medical provides repair service on all forms of dental equipment and x-ray systems from all different types of manufactures. We also go beyond the traditional 8-5 work schedule by providing evening and weekend service, at no additional cost.

  • We provide cost transparency
  • Our hourly rate is only $165/hour
  • No hidden fees or travel costs
  • Our billable service charge time begins after we arrive, not before



Blue Marble Medical can provide dental practices with regular preventative maintenance and unlimited repair services at a flat monthly rate. We can help prevent unscheduled equipment break downs, thus reducing downtime and saving you money.  Outside of the regular monthly rate, participating practices only pay for parts needed to complete a repair.

Plan Benefits:

  • Fixed flat monthly fee, starting at only $585/month
  • All labor costs are included in the monthly fee regardless of the number of visits 
  • Rapid response and after hours repair service
  • Scheduled visits twice each month
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance and calibration service
  • Improved workflow and reduce patient inconvenience
  • Properly maintained equipment works more efficiently and lasts longer
  • Annual electrical safety tests on all medical, x-ray, and non-medical equipment
  • Documentation of equipment maintenance, service, and repair history
  • 15% discount on all repair parts



We do not charge extra to provide the highest in quality service. Our after-hours service is available at our regular service rate. Servicingand repairing  your equipment after hours reduces staff and patient inconvenience.  Our After hour’s service offers:

  • Evening and weekend service
  • Uninterrupted direct patient care
  • Same day response, even with late afternoon service calls
  • Routine preventive maintenance and calibrations are best performed afterhours
  • Included with our Unlimited Maintenance Plan



Blue Marble Medical is one of the few x-ray service and repair companies recognized by the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Agencies and the U.S. FDA to properly and accurately perform preventive maintenance, quality assurance, and calibration services on medical and dental X-ray systems.  We:

  • Exceed State and Federal regulations
  • Provide annual quality control and calibration services as mandated by the U.S. FDA
  • Use state of the art test equipment, calibrated IAW National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that exceeds State and U.S. FDA requirements
  • Help ensure your state and federal reimbursements are not in jeopardy with insufficient maintenance and calibration programs
  • Protect your patients and staff by ensuring they are not being over exposed to radiation
  • Conduct annual electrical safety test
  • Perform semi-annual Quality assurance testing
  • Document and maintain service history